Sunday, August 22, 2010

August Parade of Pictures

Thanks so much for all of the friendly blogoversary wishes, all of your visits & comments are very much appreciated!

The summer has absolutely flown by, and September is just around the corner. Once again I've gotten behind with posting, so here is a parade of pictures with just names for identification purposes. Enjoy!

A surprise daylily.
Sunrise Sunset Rose

Morden Sunrise Rose

Cranesbill Rozanne

Progression of the new beds. :)

Miss Lucy Oriental Lily

'Kyushu' Hydrangea

Dianthus King of Blacks (or should it be Reds? ;) )

New Guinea Impatiens

Heliopsis helianthoides 'Summer Sun'

Bright Eyes Phlox (with variegated obedient plant & frog for company)

Diervilla sessilifolia Cool Splash

Palace Purple Heuchera

H.F.Young Clematis (only bloom :( )

Dwarf Balloon Flower & C. Carpatica, blues at the base of the clematis.

Silver Brocade Artemesia

Blue Fox Willow

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, and enjoying some time In The Garden.


  1. Super beautiful Rebecca...looks fabulous!! yes..a parade of color and beauty it is!! Wonderful!!

  2. Rebecca girl you have some wonderful "floats" in this parade : )
    I love that Blue Fox willow .. that has really caught my eye .. but finding a place for it might be tricky ? haha .. and you do love Morden Sunrise too right ? you can't go wrong with her .. and YES! .. I missed over a 1/3 of this summer with being laid up like this .. all of it just flew by .. I don't feel like I had a proper garden season at all really .. now on with planning for next year ? hehehehe

  3. Such a lot of lovely blooms ... loved the Morden Sunrise rose!

  4. I hope I wished you a Happy Blog Birthday Rebecca. Many Happy years to come! A lovely parade of colorful blossoms you share today.

  5. Rebecca, It is nice to be able to wish you a happy Blogversary! Your posts are always beautiful and interesting - fun to read. Keep it up! :-)

  6. Hi Kiki, Thanks so much for your flattering post!

    Hi Joy, Planning is great, and SO MUCH less backbreaking ;). I'm sorry you lost some of your summer. Blue Fox is quite compact, so tucks in nicely without taking over...

    Hi Bernie, Thanks for stopping by, I just planted Morden Sunrise this year and am quite smitten.

    Hi Carol, Thanks for your kind wishes, I'm so glad you enjoyed my parade. :)

    Hi Shady, Thanks so much for your flattering words, very much appreciated! I'm so glad you enjoy my little blog. :)

  7. Hi Rebecca,

    I love your "Miss Lucy". I just love complex, subtle colourings.

    Hard to believe August is almost over...yikes! :)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous, as always. I absolutely love your hydrangea....I do wish they would grow here :-)

  9. Flowers look beautiful, as always. My impatiens look terrible. Well, I keep them on the balcony, so rain and heat must get to them.
    I love that first picture - red and yellow! Lovely combination.

  10. I love seeing all of your new plants Rebecca. Your garden looks so wonderful. Mine is fading fast. I did not know there was a variegated Obedient plant. I love the leaves. Your Dianthus King of Blacks looks like the red on my Almost Black Rose. Red it is LOL! Have a wonderful week.

  11. Hi Ms S, with the end of August, we can expect snow any time lol!

    Hi Noelle, thanks so much. I'll trade you a hydrangea for a bougainvilla. Bother are wonderful, imagine living in a zone where they overlap? They do exist...

    Hi vrtlarica, Thanks for your message! I like the combination too, the daylily was suppose to be yellow, but it clearly isn't. I don't usually have much luck with impatiens, but one of my little ones chose the plant so I had to take it home.

    Hi Lona, Funny how we are captivated by the word 'black', but then they aren't...The variegated obedient plant has hot pink flowers, although I doubt mine will bloom this year.

  12. I have those daylillies, they are fantastic! Great pictures! I'm deeply upset about the changing season! I want to stay in summer a little longer this year. Sigh.

    Happy Blogoversary!

  13. Great parade of blooms! It is hard to pick a favorite.

  14. Rebecca, I can't believe how fast this summer has gone, it is crazy. Great picture of your Rozanne, was it the $5 one?

  15. Your roses are gorgeous. Your new bed is looking good. 'Lucy' is an interesting lily! Cute dog and cat, too. Have a great week and congrats on your blogoversary!
    Blessings, Beth

  16. Hi Laura, do you happen to know what the daylilies are called? I was expecting Bonanza but this is definitely something else. I'm sad about the changing weather (& back to school) too. :(

    Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by. It feels like nothing is happening and yet these pics prove otherwise.

    Hi Deborah, LOL it was the $5 one, but I waited til it got to $2. It had very odd, leggy 'flat' growth, so we'll see what happens next year.

    Hi Beth, Thanks so much for your great message, I'm happy with the interesting Lucy, I hadn't seen a double oriental before. It takes a while for a new bed to look complete, but I *think* this one just needs time now. :)

  17. I've gotten behind in visiting and missed your blogiversary, so Happy Blogiversary!!
    Your flowers all look so bright and cheerful. It's getting me motivated to get out and do some more work in my garden. Your new bed look really pretty, I love the hydrangea.

  18. Hi Catherine, Thanks for your message! I feel like things are quite drab (end of summer blues?, but when you look at all the pics it still looks fresh and bright. Thanks for your comment on the new bed, so far so good. :)