Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1st Blooms

June 1st, and there is plenty of colour around the yard. I bought a few dwarf arctic irises yesterday, here's one with a globeflower.

The tulip bed is filling in nicely...

The Gnome Door is installed for the season.

The blooms of Brunnera Jack Frost & Dicentra spectabilis are lovely together.

Remember the yard bunny who moved in last summer? He's still living here, we've come to a comfortable agreement.

The Red Tulips are a nice contrast with the white frog.

Here's a suprise tulip, coming up through a globe cedar.

Flaming Spring Green Tulips are a little late, but so pretty.

I'm really enjoying the Emerald Blue Moss Phlox - so many blooms!

Here are the 5 new Heuchera, all tucked into their new bed.

And the Snowdrop Anemones are in full bloom.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! :)


  1. Rebecca, I love what you've got going on in your garden -- but that iris/globeflower combination is especially delicious. -Jean

  2. Hi Rebecca. I think your little gnome door is so cute. I love your white anemones. They look so delicate. Your spring flowers are looking so pretty.

  3. What a nice spring show you're getting! It's good that you have a comfortable agreement with the yard bunny. The rabbits here seem to prefer to hang out in the pastures rather in the garden which works out well for everybody.

  4. Hi Rebecca, finally back and just starting to catch up on my reading. Glad to see your Jack Frost looking so healthy, mine lived through the winter as well. Even though I planted him on top of some daf bulbs that I forgot where there. They were very close together, but looked lovely when they flowered.

  5. Hi Rebecca, I love the little gnome door. You have lots in bloom already! I think my garden flowers are holding off for a bit of rain before the open. I especially like your Snowdrop Anemones.

  6. Hi Jean, Thanks for your message! I think the combo will really shine once the plants fill out.

    Hi Lona, I am quite fond of the gnome door too! And anemones are so charming, I might add more here and there...

    Hi Sweetbay, I am glad too. There have been times when I didn't want him here, but felt bad about any alternative...

    Hi Deborah, nice combo! With the bigger bulbs so deep it's easy to plant overtop.

    Hi Jennifer, Thanks for your message. I had seen a few gnome doors here and there and thought they were aboslutely adorable, so glad I found one. :)

  7. Hi Rebecca, I just love the fresh, sweet first flowers of the season. They all look so lovely, especially your collection of tulips.

    Oh, and the Gnome door is absolutely enchanting. I think I have to get one for my little son. :)

  8. The anemones look wonderful with the muscari behind it. Love you garden gnome house and your bunny!

  9. Hi Ms S, the kids are quite taken with The Door, I'm sure your son would be as well. How did your free tulip bulbs turn out?

    Hi Diane, Thanks! It's great that the bloom times coordinate. :)

  10. I love the gnome door! I remember when you bought it. Your spring flowers all look so cheerful. I found a globe flower blooming in my garden, it only gives me one bloom a year. Cute bunny, hope he lives up to his end of the agreement.

  11. Hi Catherine, Thanks for your message. What a funny globe flower you have! One is always better than none lol. I hope your new bunny is doing well. :)