Thursday, February 10, 2011

Colour, Anyone?

Good time of year for a splash of colour. I picked up this little trio at the grocery store for under $10. :O)

I always have high hopes of keeping the primulas & mini roses going til they can be planted, but it doesn't usually work out. We'll see if this trio can move outside in May.


  1. I read somewhere that these are not the sort of primula that can overwinter here in the garden. Regardless, they sure are pretty!

  2. Rebecca, These are so very, very pretty! Good luck on keeping them going. Love the little ladybug too.
    Blessings and hugs, Beth

  3. Fabulous Rebecca...that is just the splash of color I is inspiring and uplifting! Now I wanna go out and get some beauties too! Thanks for the inspiration always!

  4. So pretty! I tried to keep both primulas and a mini rose last year to put out into the garden. The primulas did not make it (as usual) but the mini rose did.

    BTW, the ladybug heart pot is adorable! I bet the kidlets love it. :)

  5. They are very pretty and a wonderful splash of color while everything is still gray and brown. I hope they will survive until May.

  6. How lovely. I think Primroses are just the cheeriest flower going. Their colors are always so bright. Just what we need this winter.

  7. Don't tell anyone I was at Home Depot and picked up a few for $1.28. Couldn't resist but they're already about ready for the trash in the next couple of days.

  8. Hi Rebecca! Primulas are so cheerful! Fortunately, they bloom in our zone even in wintre. My plants are protected by house walls, I think it helps them.

  9. Hi Jennifer, Interesting I thought they were. If not, it takes some of the pressure off!

    Thank you Beth, I think the ladybug is adorable. I saw them in the flyer, and got the very last one!

    Hi Kiki, thanks for your message, and for catching up! I am also behind on blogs. Go and buy yourself something bright and colourful. :)

    Hi Ms S, yes, they do! I have also managed to perpetuate a mini rose, but no primulas yet. Maybe Jennifer is right and they aren't hardy here? Hmmmm...

    Hi vrtlarica, 'grey & brown', I see we share much in common despite being so very far apart!

    Hi Lona, they are wonderful. Such large petals and the blooms are very long lasting.

    Patrick, your secret is safe with me. These are from Safeway! I picked up a very fragrant hyacinth at Home Depot yesterday, of course, it fell over, but smells great.

    Hi Kate, thanks for your message! I love the daisies in your thumbnail. :)

    Hi Tatyana, you are so lucky to live in such a great climate!! I can't imagine winter blooms, other than the indoor kind.

  10. Rebecca girl I am so much the same way with little plants like this .. BUT ... I simply have to have some now because the last dregs of winter are going to hold on forever and I NEED to see plant life that will cheer me up .. so now I am on the look out for some cuties just like you have there girl !!
    Joy : )

  11. I hope your purchases work out for you as they are all very pretty. Good luck.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  12. Hi,

    Lovely! I love that little Ladybird haha, it's so very cute :)

  13. HI agin Rebecca...I am happy to say now I too have color and flowers..i recieved some flowers as a gift..and now I have a joyful splash filling my home!! thanks for the inpsirtaion! hurray up spring!

  14. They are very sweet! I have a similar problem...I like to buy them too, when they are the first colorful plants in the stores...but they never seem to live very long for me! It's nice to have them to brighten up your life during this (long) period of waiting for spring!

  15. Those primula haven't made it over the winter here, either. But how can you resist? Sometimes... in just the right, protected spot... otherwise take them outdoors for just a short spell as soon as you can and gradually lengthen the time until they're acclimated. (I'm sure you know all that!) :-) Just the anticipation of it all that's getting to me.

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