Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WEEPING Birch, et al.

Weeping Birch
Weeping Spruce
Weeping Flowering Plum
Weeping Cedar
Over a foot of snow fell overnight. The heavy, wet, hard to drive in & hard to shovel type.
The tulip bed is quite sheltered, so not a terrible amount of accumulation, but where are the crocuses?

The power is out throughout most of the city,
cars are stuck everywhere,
and all schools have declared a snow day.

Spring! Please come back!


  1. I'm too spoiled now. I forget about the days when it would snow in April and May...I miss Canada, but I don't miss that lol. Pretty pictures though...? :D

  2. Oh Rebecca! Not that old white stuff and so much. Just not right. Hopefully it will melt fast and that will be the end of it for the season.

  3. Oh my - hopefully the snow cover won't last too long and your spring will come back soon!

  4. It's April and Snow refuse to really pass the baton to Spring. I am sure soon Snow will let it go, for it had enough.


  5. Oh dear! I think the plants are sad about the snow :( I bet the kids are excited about having a snow day though. I do hope spring comes back right away!

  6. Is this happening now? Oh, I hope spring return to you soon!
    I’m here angry about cloudy sky and rain, but I’m happy now that I don’t have snow.

  7. Noooooooo!!!!!!!!
    I can't believe it,hope it warms up soon.

  8. Argh! Can we add "weeping Rebecca"? :-)

    I hope this melts super quick and gives your garden lots of moisture. (See, there has to be a bright side...!)

    Hope Spring hurries back!

  9. Oh boy, I saw a snow icon for your area on the weather network yesterday. I thought to myself it can't be. But alas, it was. :(

    A chinook would be nice right about now.

  10. Oh Rebecca! At first I thought you were going to show winter/spring shots! Yuck!! I hope it melts soon. ;>) Thank you for all your kind words of support! Carol

  11. So sorry you have snow in April! As a gardener that is really rough!!! Saw your comment on Just Beachy about Ektorp slipcovers & wanted to let you know that I have several Ektorp pieces. When I purchased my pieces this past December (in Ohio) I also got a free slipcover for almost every piece that I ourchased. I am not sure how often they run this deal. I really love the Ikea slipcovered sofas, chairs etc.! Feel free to email me if you should have any questions (or stop my blog & see what spring looks like in Ohio) M.

  12. Yikes, when I heard the snow forecast for Southern Alberta, I wondered if it would hit your garden. Your tulips are putting on a brave front, with their tips just treading above the snow. It's a good thing they aren't blooming yet. I hope a few crocus saved some buds under there for you.

    Does the new puppy like frolicking in the snow?

  13. Kyna, April, May, let's not forget June! Nicer in pictures than in real life, but at least it's melting.

    Lona, I hope so too! For now I'll just have to be content with visiting blogs such as yours for my fix of spring.

    Cyndy, Thanks for your spring vibes.

    Bangchik, I hope snow does pass the baton soon, you make everything sound so pleasant.

    Noelle, The plants were sad, I helped them out a little so they didn't appear so deflated.

    vrtlarica, Thanks for your message!! Cloudy & rain would be very helpful now, to get rid of the snow.

    Deborah, I know, crazy, isn't it?

    Ms S, you can DEFINITELY add 'Weeping Rebecca', I've had a little pity party here, I just hope my little bulbs are ok, this happened last year and crocus season was over.

    miss m, yes, alas, it was. Sometimes (unfortunately) The Weather Network gets it right.

    Carol, thanks for your message, sorry if my post was shocking ;) (& you're most welcome!).

    Cathy, Welcome! Thanks for finding your way here & for the info.

    Northern Shade, Yes, it hit & quite hard. It would be great if the crocuses saves a few buds for me. The puppy does like the snow, as do the kids. Wish I could share their enthusiasm!

  14. Oh dear! That's bad. I hope all your green babies survive this attack, coz I love their cute little faces posing for your camera.

  15. Rebecca, You have my heartfelt sympathy. I believe it must have been on a day like this that T.S. Eliot penned the words, "April is the cruelest month." -Jean

  16. Hi Chandramouli, Thanks for your fun post. They are all pretty tough and should be alright once the snow melts.

    Hi Jean, Thanks! I realize this isn't exactly a catastrophe of epic proportions, but still a little hard to face. The quote certainly applies to this situation.

  17. OMG Rebecca ! I am now just catching up on posts and have seen THIS ! EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK !!!
    I saw on the weather that your area might get snow and wow .. you got SNOW ! but .. it will melt fast won't it ? I hope so .. you must feel frustrated as hell . I was going to ask about your experience with ornamental trees .. non fruiting ones .. I am still looking for the perfect tree for Earth Day and it is an impossible dream here .. so far the only accessible one is Amur Maple "Flame" have you seen this one ?

  18. I feel your pain!

    We get storms like this all the time. Usually a huge dumpola in May. Thank goodness it melts quickly! The most damaging is the hail though.

  19. Wow Rebecca..I cannot believe all that snow..the pictures are gorgeous..but yes..I imagine you'd rather Spring stay!! Hope it gets all shiny and sparkly real soon full of blooms!!

  20. Hi Joy, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK is right lol!

    Hi Rosey, I agree about the hail, it can really be awful. We also get heavy wet snow in May, which is damaging since the leaves are out. Even with the bare branches there is lots of tree damage around town from the weight of the snow. :(

    Hi Kiki, Thanks for your message! As you can see in my new post Spring is back! :)