Monday, September 28, 2009

A few new bulbs....

...have turned into a whole new bed.

This is how it started. I was reading Garden's West Magazine and saw a picture of the tulip mix 'Blue Bayou' (mix of Blue Heron, Tres Chic, Shirley, and Blue Diamond), and thought 'I HAVE to have these'. I went bulb shopping and came home with 40 of these, 16 'City Chic' (Deirdre & Verichic), some large narcissus (white with salmon & pink trumpets) and a host of small bulbs: crocuses, muscari, galanthus, fritillaria, fall crocuses, botanical tulips, and one waterlilly that had flowered in the display and was being given away 'to a good home'.

After planting a few here and there, I soon realized that I was out of space & needed a new bed. I've always wanted to dress up the front walkway, since the front beds are all up near the house. Of course, with the extra space, more plants were required.

I was fortunate to still find a nice selection of plants this late in the season. Introducing: Unique Hydrangea, Tango Weigela, 2 fall asters, Hemerocalis 'Canadian Border Patrol', a Lamb's Ear, & a peony that was growing in the deep shade under a large lilac, I hadn't known it was there until I cut back a large bleeding heart and found it underneath. I hope it's happier in it's new home.

This picture was taken mid project, I like the way it looks.

Most of the bulbs are planted here too, other than the Blue Bayou, which has it's own bed in the backyard. I planted some crocus & muscari directly into the lawn just beyond the hydrangea.

I left some grass between this bed and the front one, I like the way it narrows towards the walkway and widens towards the yard, it reminds me of water cascading.

I like the dark foliage of the Tango Weigela, I think it look nice nestled between the Hemerocalis.

This is the planting tag from the 'Canadian Border Patrol' daylily. I love the purple and white colour, as well as the name.

These are some close ups of Hydrangea 'Unique', it is said to be an improved selection of PeeGee. The bright white flowerheads turn pink in the fall, you might be able to see the blush starting to appear on these blooms.

On my want list for this bed is a Dianthus 'King of the Blacks', I think it is stunning and will coordinate well with the rest of the plants. I'll have to wait til next year, and try to find it.


  1. Rebecca, looks like you have been a busy girl too! It is always fun to make a new bed, and of course, you need more plants. Looks like you got some interesting ones, and I look forward to seeing it in the spring.

  2. Hi Deborah, Thanks so much for stopping by, I always like to have visitors. I hope everyone does will over the winter, I have planted many zone 4 plants this year, and we are on the 3-4 border. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a colourful spring, and will be sure to post updates. :)

  3. Nice new bed! Canadian Border Patrol is a great name for a daylily! ;)

  4. Hi Xan,
    Thanks for your post! I had it narrowed down to this one and the very similar daylily "El Desperado", so I went with name lol.

  5. It's funny how these little projects turn into big ones... :-)

    Your bulbs will greet as you come home in the spring - what a delight!

  6. Hi Ms S, so nice to see you! It is funny how projects expand, I'm already planning the phase II and phase III extensions.

    I do hope they all come up well in the spring, it's so hard to know how they're doing once planted. :)

  7. I love the colours in the Blue Bayou mixture. The pink, purple and white are a great look for spring.

    The new bed makes a lovely entrance.That lavender blue aster is a fantastic colour. Between the bulbs and plants, your bed will look good from the spring to fall. The peony will appreciate the rescue, and the sunnier exposure.

    I looked at a Unique Hydrangea a few times. The PG makes such a good show, I debated about trying the Unique. I will be interested to read how it works for you.

  8. Hi Northern, I love the mix too, just couldn't resist after seeing the picture. Thanks for the idea of photographing planting tags, it's nice to have in the post.

    I also like the lavander aster, it was in the greenhouse side of things with the potted mums, but is a hardy aster I hope it does well.

    I do hope this bed looks throughout the growing season. It was very different to start with a blank slate, most of the time I fill in or expand beds depending on what is lacking. I'm sure I'll add some more plants next year, but I'm happy with it for now.

    I believe Unique is very closely related to PeeGee, so I hope it performs in a similar (reliable & showy) way. I'll be sure to post updates on my hydrangeas next year. :)

  9. Hello Rebecca. I like how arranged your bulbs in your garden. Your hydrangea are beautiful with their white petals tinged with pink. Welcome to Blotanical!

  10. Hi azplantlady, Thanks so much for stopping by, and for the warm welcome. I'm flattered to know that a landscape planner finds my design pleasing. I really like the hydrangea too, the colour is a much deeper pink now. Unfortunately it only had a few blooms and lost one recently to a broken branch, possibly during a wind storm.

  11. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for reminding - I need to buy more bulbs! Welcome to Blotanical, I found your blog there!

  12. Hi Rebecca, Just found you on Blotanical and wanted to come for a visit. You mentioned fall crocus, and I need to get some--thanks for reminding me! I also need to plant more spring bulbs--all kinds. Many don't survive the winter, and/or get eaten by voles/moles and/or squirrels! If you just noticed your peony, it may take a couple of seasons to get used to its new home...and therefore not flower next summer. That's what I found out after planting my 2 peonies. But, boy, this year, I got LOADS of blooms! I like your landscaping--which does 'flow' (like a waterfall, as you said)!

  13. Hi Tatyana,
    Thanks so much for your post. Tatyana has always been one of my favorite names. I stumbled across your blog some time ago, and meant to go back and comment on your stunning pictures, but 'lost' it, so glad you found me.

    Hi Jan,
    Thanks so much for your post. The peony is probably not young (we've been here for 6 years), but is quite small. It's ok if it takes its time blooming, I'm actually more of a foliage person and find peonies attractive, even when not in bloom.

    If my bulbs in the lawn work well, I see a curved shape cascade of muscari starting at the break in the beds and flowing towards the sidewalk. Would be quite eyecatching in the spring.

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog, Rebecca! Yes, the purple flower is an aster. I think I love them more than mums;-) I love the idea of the blue muscari flowing through your flower beds towards the sidewalk. Wow. That would take a LOT of bulbs, wouldn't it?!

  15. You're right, it would take a lot of bulbs, I'll see how my test patch turns out next year. I was inspired by a picture in the Van Noort Bulb fall 2009 catalogue (pdf) on page 14, the 'River of Muscari' is really something. :)

  16. Those bulb catalogs get me everytime. I drool over the photos, and daydream of tulips not being eaten by deer.
    Awesome project, by the way!

  17. Hi Rosey, Yes, it IS the fault of those darn catalogs. I hope my bulbs aren't eaten over the winter, we don't have squirrels, but the odd deer does pass through.